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LodeChem keeps a strict quality control in all its processes, which are monitored and managed by its Quality Unity. This attention involves all the steps through which the raw materials pass, from their receipt, passing through fractioning, quality control and despatch to its clients.

Through this management level, with total attention to the cares which involve the raw materials,LodeChem is internationally recognized as one of the most reliable distributors of pharmaceutical&Chemical raw materials.



Quality Assurance

Audit effective qualification of manufacturer

Validate the manufacturer’s qualification certificate and effectiveness

Inspect the manufacturer, including the workshops, warehouse condition, equipment and

personnel management

Production Control

Urge the manufacturer to produce strictly according to the standard specifications

Sample Testing

Test the samples of the manufacturer according to customers’ requirements

Test the samples of customers and give the feedback

Audit and supervise the logistics centers

Audit and supervise the logistics environment to ensure storage safety

Control strictly the transportation equipment to ensure safety

Quality Control

Collaborative Labs

we cooperate with the exterior testing institutions and universities institutions to set up

collaborative labs

Traceable Marks

Make all orders copied to prepare for future tests, and make all batches of delivered

goods traceable

Goods with quality-issue will be tested and solved in our overseas distribution centers

Exclusive Fractioning Method

Physio-Chemical Lab

Lab of Microbiological Analyses

ISO 9001:2000