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Management on Supply Chains

Strengthen resource management by means of share participation and share control to form predominant supply advantage. Meanwhile, efforts are to be made to get every overseas distribution center and office linked to the supply chain and realize the transition from supply of the Chinese resources to the integrated supply of the global resources.

Marketing Channel Construction

By 2012, the efforts will be made to set up approximately 30 overseas offices to basically cover all the main markets, keep close to the target customers and provide them with high-quality and high-efficiency services.

Cultivate and Introduce Talents

Create a professional, collaborative team with high quality and high executive capacity, and actively introduce the top-notch talents who agree with the values of the enterprise.

Capital Operation:

The plan to get LodeChem listed in the market has been kick-started, and efforts are being made to achieve the goal in about three years, what is more, to raise funds for integrating the supply resources and expand the sale channels so as to consolidate the predominant position in the industry.