If you're looking to join an organisation where work is more than just a job,then we will be delighted to talk to you

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LodeChem has long been in conformity with the people-oriented managerial mentality, along with the primary principle of respecting and caring for employees to seek common development for the individuals, the enterprise and the society. Through various activities, LodeChem has created a healthy and optimistic cultural atmosphere, and meanwhile it has opened a variety of training courses to cultivate talents for international trade, professionals in product and elites of management. 

LodeChem closely follows the guidance of the trend of market economy, and has formed a management model of combining employee management with employee fostering. Therefore, a high-quality steady-going collaborative team of ambition, unity, and maturity, has been created, and the rapid development for the enterprise has powerfully guaranteed.

  • Employee Career Building
  • Training
  • Promotion Opportunity
  • Employee Shape

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Body Examination
  • Psychology Consultant
  • Various Insurance
  • Colorful Activities

Recruitment And Selection

We at Lodechem believe in a cooperation rooted in mutual trust and personal relationships. Constantly working to find ways of continuous development of our employees and improvements, If you are looking to join an organisation where work is more than just a job and your career development makes a difference then we will be delighted to talk to you.