Through unremitting efforts and heartfelt love, we are striving to create a brighter future 

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LodeChem has great corporate social responsibility and takes benefiting the society as its own mission. And LodeChem is an active participant in all kinds of non-profit and charitable activities, and it will continue to make unremitting efforts for the stability and harmony of the entire society. Meanwhile LodeChem will join hands with various higher-educational institutes, strengthen mutual exchanges and provide practice bases and occupation opportunities for university undergraduates.

LodeChem actively advocates the localization of employees and provides them with the improved vocational planning and developmental platforms regardless of their genders, ages, nationalities and races.

The sources of healthy life

Insisting on its value “The sources of healthy life”, LodeChem makes active efforts to get various product qualification certificates, puts the product quality under strict control and strives to make its products environmentally friendly and healthy for the users, hence leading society to healthy consumption. To improve the world, to endeavor with LodeChem,to contribute from you and me.